Book #1: A Family Secret

Junior is the Timmi Tobbson “early reader” series for adventurers and sleuths aged 6-8. In this series’ first title, a secret message in an ancient book sends Timmi and his friends – including a three-legged frog – on a wild ride to unravel a life-changing mystery and become the Young Explorers.

First Release Date: 25th of November 2020 (United States of America)

Book #2: The Missing Necklace

A wave of jewelry thefts is committed in broad daylight and without any trace. When grandma’s old and beloved family necklace vanishes, Timmi, Lilli and Marvin set out to catch the phantom known as the Invisible Thief.

First Release Date: 1st of March 2021 (United States of America)

Book #3: The Shadow and the Golden Room

Timmi, Lilli and Marvin pit their wits against the master thief known only as The Shadow. The race begins to reclaim one of the world’s most precious stolen artefacts.

First Release Date: 17th of June 2021 (United States of America)

Christmas Special Edition: A Christmas Mystery

Timmi and his friends enjoy Christmas break when they find a mysterious package. Whoever left it needs help … and a little Christmas miracle.

First Release Date: Scheduled for December 2021 (United States of America)