Designed to Get Kids' Eyes off Screens and onto Paper

The primary goal of the Timmi Tobbson books is to entertain. But there is somewhat more to it.

In the 1980es, I experienced the rise of computer and video games as a child. I soon found myself playing games as often as I could, sometimes from dawn to late at night. Only one book series, called Get a Clue, could get my eyes off my computer screen. Witnessing the ever increasing smartphone usage amongst children in recent years, I felt inspired to create a book series for today’s young generation that would do for them what Get a Clue did for me.

The concept is specifically, but surely not exclusively, geared towards young readers who favor smartphones and video games over books. It aims to get kids’ eyes off screens and onto paper. One of the reasons for the success of video games is that every few minutes the player is rewarded, leading them to frequently experience a feeling of accomplishment.

These books are designed to achieve the same. They are divided into 31 concise chapters, each of which ends with a puzzle to be solved by examining a beautiful color illustration. The result is not only highly entertaining, but also equally rewarding, capable of capturing the attention of today’s young video gamers. The high-quality visuals are another reason video gaming kids will feel right at home.

Short Attention Spans / Lack of Reading Experience

Since each chapter is concise, the books are suitable for children with short attention spans or a lack of reading experience.

Friendship, Perseverance and Courage 

In a very unobtrusive manner, the story shows that when push comes to shove, inner values matter highly.