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As a small token of appreciation for Timmi’s most dedicated fans, and to celebrate the launch of the BIG BOX SET, I want to share with you an exclusive glimpse into the making of “Secrets of the Last Pirate,” featuring some never-before-seen art and sketches!


Dear fellow detective and adventurer,

The Big Boxed Set contains all three of Timmi’s big adventures to date. If you’re already familiar with the books, I hope you’ve enjoyed unraveling mysteries alongside Timmi and his companions!

As an author, your feedback is invaluable in helping me reach new readers and puzzle enthusiasts. Would you be willing to lend a hand by spreading the word, allowing the Big Boxed Set to be discovered by new readers as well?

The link provided will take you directly to the Amazon review page. Timmi and I are grateful for anyone willing to contribute!

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P.S. If writing reviews isn’t your cup of tea, no worries—simply enjoy the exclusive peek behind the scenes! 🙂